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Family Members
In May of 2014, my family experienced one of the hardest days of our lives--taking our 95-year old father with dementia from the farm where he was born, raised and lived his entire life to Shady Oaks. During the admission process, the nurse sensed our emotion and soon put us at ease that we were leaving our father in capable, compassionate, caring hands. It wasn’t long before we were on a first name basis with the staff who always greeted my mother and us with a smile when visiting. Staff was always striving to accommodate every wish whether it was playing dad’s polka music, talking about farming, allowing us birthday and anniversary parties, or just seeing dad got his beloved cookies. During the next 3 ½ years, it was quite evident that the Shady Oaks staff were angels among us. As they truly took wonderful care of our dad and helped create many moments of joy for him. Almost every time we visited, someone would come up and say how much they enjoyed dad. Our family knows we could never have found a better facility to entrust caring for dad. We lost him on January 20th. We will remember the compassion the staff had for dad and us during those final days. My father’s death taught us that it wasn’t just us that lost a loved one but so did the staff of Shady Oaks. We will never forget one final gesture that brought so much comfort to our mother. Staff pulled another bed into the room and let mom lay next to dad his last night on earth. Let me tell you, there wasn’t a dry eye amongst staff when they saw them together. When we left Shady Oaks after dads passing, I felt at peace about dad’s death but had a sense of new loss, knowing there would be no more visits to Shady Oaks and that we would miss the staff that had become like family. Thank you for living up to your mission, vision, and values.
A Touching Letter From Family
"Little did I know when I started this job as a junior in high school, I would be here 44 years LATER!! God has blessed me with a job--turned career I love. My position on the Culinary Team is challenging at times, as every resident at Shady Oaks is a great cook! The Culinary Team works hard to find a balance to keep everyone happy! Finding that perfect recipe a resident has been craving puts a smile on my face as well as my co-workers!”
Culinary Team Member
"I have been working in long-term care for 30 years, all of which have been at Shady Oaks. I find it very rewarding working with the elderly. Since most residents are here for more than just a short-term stay, the staff really get to know them and their families, and can become quite connected. Older people have experienced so much, and it is quite interesting to listen to their stories. Many have good advice and interesting perspectives to share. You wouldn’t believe how many residents will admit to tipping over an occupied out-house, back in the day. (LOL) Working in a nursing home can be a thankless job at times, but when one of the residents give you a smile for something you have done for them (even the smallest things), it’s a great feeling, making you want to come back for more."
Nursing Team Member
"When I started at Shady Oaks almost 15 years ago, I never imagined the impact that it would have on my life. I assumed it was just a job, a way to pay bills & to get through my last two years of college. Little did I know, that this place & the residents would leave a long lasting impression on my heart. Every day when we wake up, drop our children off….whatever, we begin on a journey to serve. Whether we make their breakfast, clean their room, assist with a bath, or provide emotional support…we make a difference. To the residents, we are their family…their constant, the faces & hearts they have become accustomed to. Every day we have the ability to make an impact, a difference in someone’s life. What most fail to understand, when employed in an environment such as this, the residents make an impact on our lives. I have laughed & cried & taken life advice from various residents. I believe the mind set changes when you surround yourself with a different generation. Most importantly, the heart is touched. It grows & feels one hundred times more by the end of the day. Those that choose to work in this arena are such loving, compassionate people. We are blessed to serve & learn."
Social Services Assistant
“The staff have a close relationship with our residents which makes Shady Oaks a rewarding place to work.”
Nursing Team Member
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