Freedom Rocks!

PictureOn May 27th, a group of residents and team members embarked on a “Mystery Trip.” After a many scenic twists and turns and a discussion on the difference in the amount of rain received between home and the destination, the group arrived at Freedom Rock near Menlo, Iowa. Freedom Rock is a huge boulder (weighing over 60 ton!) painted by artist Ray “Bubba” Sorenson. Bubba painted the first rock mural in 1999 to thank the veterans. Each year since, he has painted a new mural to honor the veterans on Memorial Day.

Freedom Rock is no longer the only rock mural in Iowa. Each of Iowa’s 99 counties will receive their own smaller version of the Freedom Rock over the next few years. Locally, the rock in Sac County has been placed and painted and the rocks for Calhoun and Carroll Counties are in place and waiting to be painted. What an interesting and unique way to honor the veterans and encourage tourism throughout the state! Wonder how many county rocks we could see in a day?

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Submitted by Colleen Simental, Guest Relations, Shady Oaks, Lake City, IA

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