Bird Mania

The Diamond Doves have been quite busy in our aviary. They are raising their second set of hatchlings. The parents are very protective of their nest and keep a watchful eye on their little ones. Mama Dove doesn’t leave them alone for long and soon returns to the nest. We found out the hard way that the Papa Dove does not like the first batch of hatchlings anywhere near the nest and does his best to drive them away. Due to the small size of the aviary, the adolescents did not have anywhere to go. The surviving adolescent was in a small cage of it’s own while waiting to go to a new home. Happily, the little bird left for his new home June 19th! As you can see by the last photo (less than a week later), the little ones are growing fast and will soon be on their own!!

Residents and team members are also keeping a close eye on the finches. We currently have Shaft Tail, Gouldian, and Owl finches. The Shaft Tail and Owl finches seem to be sharing the same nest. We are on watch in hopes that they will also be raising little ones soon!

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Colleen Simental, Guest Relations, Shady Oaks, Lake City, IA

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