“Wild Rose Casino or Bust!”

Picture“Wild Rose Casino or bust!” was heard as six residents and three team members headed to Emmetsburg June 25th. The group enjoyed the beautiful sunny day taking in the bright blue skies and flooding from recent rain storms. The group stopped for burgers and fries at a 50’s retro style A&W restaurant. Nothing hits the spot like a frosty mug of Root Beer! The restaurant has a brass bell for customers to ring if everything was great…which we did as we left to head to the casino.

PictureArriving at the casino, everyone was eager to get off the bus and get inside to hit the machines. The Penny and Quarter Slots were the choice of many…with all the bells, lights, and whistles as a few ‘hit it big’ during the afternoon!

It was a wonderful day, good sights, good company, and some excitement at the casino!

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