Skyping Maintains Family Connections

Technology is proving to be a wonderful tool during this time of social distancing. Shady Oaks residents are enjoying the benefits of skyping with loved ones. Recently, Jack and Betty S. skyped with their daughter Cindy and her husband Dave. It was terrific to be able to see one another and spend time chatting. Cindy and Dave also shared their musical talents. Dave played the guitar and Cindy led the family singalong. Everyone chimed in on such songs as ‘You Are My Sunshine,’ ‘I Believe in Music,’ and ‘Five Foot Two Eyes of Blue.’

Both Jack and Betty felt uplifted and happy after their Skype visit with their daughter and son-in-law. As Jack emphasized, “I would recommend trying Skype. It’s a great way to keep in touch!” Shady Oaks offers not only Skype but Face Time opportunities as well. If a resident has an Alexa with skyping capabilities, that may be utilized as well. Resident Pauline W. uses her Alexa frequently to keep in touch with her family. All families are encouraged to contact the Life Enrichment department to make arrangements and set up a time for an on-line, face-to-face visit with their loved ones.

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