Cinco de Mayo is a Sensation

Residents and staff at Shady Oaks know how to party! Folks really turned out to share in the celebration of Cinco de Mayo. Everyone got into the spirit by donning spiffy black mustaches, sombreros, and colorful eyeglasses. (The look was especially entertaining since the mustaches had to be attached over a mask!) Two special characters made their way up and down the hallways surprising folks. Carmen R. was a “walking piñata.” She invited everyone she met to give her a tap with a short, orange pool noodle, thereby “breaking the piñata.” Of course, once a “piñata” is opened candy spills out, so Carmen made sure everyone who took a turn received a handful of candy. Deb Z. was a “walking taco.” She wore a costume that looked just like a hard-shell cornmeal taco filled with meat, cheese, and lettuce. She modeled and explained her get-up to everyone and then served them a delicious sampling of layered taco dip and taco chips. Deb J., decked out in her bright red jacket and red mini-sombrero trimmed in tiny red pompoms, made sure that mariachi music was playing while she served everyone a non-alcoholic margarita with brightly-colored, fancy straws and fiesta napkins. As this trio made their way through the hallways residents were very delighted to greet them, take a turn with the piñata, receive their snack, enjoy the music, and watch the overall celebratory spectacle! The bright colors of the costumes and decorations were exciting to see and the energy of the event was a welcome, entertaining diversion. Available staff joined in on the fun too, participating in many ways, from wearing a mustache or hat, to taking a turn tapping the piñata, or trying out a few dance moves to the mariachi music and sampling the taco dip and corn chips. “La fiesta fue muy buena,” the party was a very good time!

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