Rainbow Swirls Brighten Shady Oaks’ World

Recently, residents and staff worked together to create 16 colorful, three-foot tall pinwheels. The craft project enlisted the help of individual residents who spent time carefully cutting out the shapes of the blades of each pinwheel from sturdy plastic. The plastic came from new dividers made for organizing office files.  Staff assembled the red, orange, yellow, green and blue blades onto large, sturdy dowels using plastic straws, deck screws, and hot glue. Everyone was amazed to see the transformation of simple supplies into beautiful, cheerful pinwheels. This summertime symbol was placed in several locations where residents, staff, and visitors can see it: along the driveway, near the front door entrance, and in the gazebo area near the pond. Of course, during any time of the day, one can look and catch a glimpse of the moving pinwheels as they catch the wind. Both staff and residents agree, one can’t help but smile as the delightful sight of a spinning pinwheel brings associations of carefree summertime fun and good memories.

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