The Ties That Bind

Shady Oaks residents are blessed to have many ways to connect with family and friends during these COVID times. In addition to window visits and phone calls, technology offers a variety of options: Facetime, Skype, and Zoom. Residents are making good use of all these ways to keep in touch. In fact, some folks have put pen to paper to reply to recent letters they have received from new pen pals. For example, Vicki F. has been corresponding with her new friend, Wyatt, who is four years old. Recently, she was thrilled to able to meet him, and his mom and baby brother. As Vicki shared, “It’s been so much fun to develop a new friendship through the mail. Wyatt’s mom tells me that he is so excited to find a letter in the mailbox from me. And I’m just as excited to receive a letter from him!”

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