Welcome Visitors!

Throughout the COVID Pandemic, Shady Oaks has been blessed to have remained COVID-19 free within the facility.  Trust and love have been infectious within our doors rather than COVID-19. This is a huge accomplishment to celebrate!

Shady Oaks would like to thank its residents, family members, and team members for adhering to guidelines and embracing safe practices.  The sacrifices have been difficult and many; however, we are turning to a new chapter with vaccination availability and relaxed regulatory restrictions.  There has been an incredible amount of excitement within Shady Oaks this past week as we have been able to relax our visitation limitations and families have been able to reunite!

We would like to say that we see the light at the end of the tunnel, but Shady Oaks residents, team members and families, still remain vigilant in practicing mask-wearing, hand-washing, and doing everything within our means to keeping each other safe.  It is Shady Oaks’ main responsibility to keep the residents safe.  Families and residents agree that this objective is a shared responsibility.  This week, family members have enjoyed open visits between the hours of 8:30am-11:00am, and 12:30pm-4:00pm daily without appointment.  Families have done their part by completing a full screen prior to entry, wearing a mask, washing hands, and limiting movement throughout the facility to their loved one’s room or private area only.

This week has been incredibly emotional as well.  Shady Oaks’ resident and family members are now encourage to embrace – hug – hand hold.  There is a healing power in touch and now one deserves it more that our Residents!  Happy tears have been shared by family, residents and team members alike.  One visitor and nurse’s interaction was so powerful it warranted applause from on-lookers!

Shady Oaks will continue it’s open visitor policy as long as we are able to.  The regulations will revert to limited visitation depending on the facility’s infection status and/or our community’s infection status.  As referenced earlier in this article, protecting the residents is Shady Oaks’ number one priority, so we are committed to keeping all safe.

To visit a resident at Shady Oaks safely, here is what you need to know:

-The resident or responsible party must consent to your visit

-Visits are limited to 2 people per resident at a time

-Visitors must be 18 or older

-Stay home if you are not feeling well

-Do not come if you have potentially been exposed to COVID-19 or are not consistently following recommended practices

-Consider and answer screening questions with honesty; know that you may be asked to quarantine from the facility if signs/symptoms are present

-PPE must be demonstrated properly and worn through the entirety of the visit (if improper usage, you may be asked to depart the facility)

-Use hand-sanitizer and practice good hand hygiene before and after visit

-Call for any questions, 712-464-3106

Shady Oaks understands that being able to facilitate visits is an absolute blessing!  We are looking forward to seeing more smiles (you can see it in the eyes), as our loved ones are brought closer and closer.  Again, and extended thank you to our residents, family members, team members and community to doing all within our power to remain COVID-19 free!

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