National Pizza Week

What better way to spice up a cold winter’s day than to have a pizza party! The Shady Oaks main dining room was transformed with pizza parlor-themed balloons, placemats, napkins, plates, and tablecloth. One of the mylar balloons looked like a giant slice of pepperoni pizza! Residents were treated to a special menu for lunch: 4 different kinds of Godfather’s pizza (Taco, All-Meat, Bacon Cheeseburger, and Pepperoni), a tossed lettuce salad, cottage cheese, and a fancy layered strawberry cheesecake dessert. A beverage cart circulated around the room offering eight types of soda pop and beer. To add to the festive atmosphere jazzy music was played during the entire mealtime. Resident Cynthia M. shared, “I was surprised to find out we were having a pizza party! I really looked forward to it. I enjoyed having a slice of taco pizza with a beer. It was a special treat and I really appreciated it. Yum!” Cynthia’s sentiments summed up the residents’ feelings about the event very well. Everyone, residents and staff alike, extended a heartfelt “thank you” to the Soul Sisters of Rockwell City whose generous holiday gift made the pizza party possible for the residents. The Shady Oaks Culinary team made three types of pizza for the staff to enjoy as well. Along with a salad and fancy dessert to complete their meals, the staff were able to join in on the pizza fun too. As Life Enrichment Assistant, Dave A. explained, “I loved the meat lover’s pizza and the strawberry pretzel dessert was awesome. I really appreciated having everyone included in the pizza fun for the day.”

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