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Celebrating Mother’s Day

Shady Oaks residents celebrated Mother’s Day by recognizing and honoring mothers. Colorful ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ posters were given to mothers to wish them a happy day. A delectable Chocolate Cherry Dream dessert was served to everyone, along with cheery teapot décor napkins. Smiles were abundant as our Shady Oaks mothers were delightfully surprised by the… Read More

Cinco de Mayo is a Sensation

Residents and staff at Shady Oaks know how to party! Folks really turned out to share in the celebration of Cinco de Mayo. Everyone got into the spirit by donning spiffy black mustaches, sombreros, and colorful eyeglasses. (The look was especially entertaining since the mustaches had to be attached over a mask!) Two special characters… Read More

A Ball in the Hall

Who needs a beach when a wide hallway will do? Residents turned out to have fun with a huge rainbow-colored beach ball. With some 50’s music in the background the stage was set for some entertaining exercise! Back and forth the ball went, sometimes with a foot kick or a tap and push of the… Read More

Easter Morning Devotions Mark the Holiday

Residents attended Easter morning devotions on each of the four hallways. Life Enrichment hosted the devotions; residents each sat in their doorways to listen and participate. Via a YouTube video on Deeto, Pastor Roy Karlen from the Woodlawn church in Lake City shared an Easter message specifically created for the residents of Shady Oaks. After… Read More

Fun Friday Floats

A Friday afternoon seemed like the perfect time for listening to Malt Shop Memories tunes while enjoying delicious rootbeer or orange floats. Life Enrichment travelled up and down the hallways creating refreshing servings of two scoops of hard vanilla ice cream topped with a generous amount of either rootbeer or orange soda pop. Both residents… Read More

A Personal Touch

Peg P., the beautician at Shady Oaks, brightened her residents’ day when she stopped by for a surprise visit. Peg has been the beautician at Shady Oaks for 23 years; she has developed close friendships with her clients. During this time of social distancing Peg misses seeing her residents and visiting with them. The residents… Read More

Four-legged, Furry Friends Stop By

Jack and Betty S. really enjoyed spending time with Rigby, an Australian Shepherd dog. Rigby is the pet of Sarah C., Administrator. Rigby made the rounds “saying hello” to many of the Shady Oaks residents recently. Scrappy, a Pomeranian-Jack Russell mix, also visited the residents, spreading the love as only a dog can do. Scrappy,… Read More

Celebrating Social Services

When things are at their most challenging it is typically a Social Worker who can step in and bring order to the chaos. It is their superpower! Here at Shady Oaks, we have two amazing Social Workers: Amy Smith, Social Services Director and Jenna Hanson, Social Services Assistant. Amy has worked at Shady Oaks for… Read More

Skyping Maintains Family Connections

Technology is proving to be a wonderful tool during this time of social distancing. Shady Oaks residents are enjoying the benefits of skyping with loved ones. Recently, Jack and Betty S. skyped with their daughter Cindy and her husband Dave. It was terrific to be able to see one another and spend time chatting. Cindy… Read More

Cheerful Creations Bring Happy Smiles

Painting ceramics is a popular activity at Shady Oaks. Recently, Pat C. chose a hen sitting on a nest and Marlys D. selected a cute kitten to paint. Both ladies were pleased to work on pieces that will make nice, brightly-colored decorations for springtime.